Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peer Pressure

Teen peer pressure is the influence of a teen's social group has on him or her. Peer pressure is a part of life for everyone, but it can be an especially strong influence during the teen years when peers are very important to a teen's identity. This means that teens need to learn to handle peer pressure, and to recognize when it is positive and when it is negative.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Keledai pun, katanya, Takkan Jatuh ke Lubang yang Sama

Hari ini, lihat berita di TV ada sekolah di NTT yang batal menyelenggarakan UN hari pertama. Alasannya sederhana, soal UN belum tiba. Apa yang mau dikerjakan klau soalnya saja tidak ada. Di belahan lain Indonesia tercinta, ada siswa SMP yang mendapat soal UN untuk SMK, ada soal yang tak lengkap yang mengharuskan pengawas memfotokopi soal UN. Saya hanya geleng-geleng kepala karena baru seminggu lalu masalah seperti ini terjadi. Apa tidak ada yang bisa dipelajari dari

Adjectives - Comparison

We use -er/-est with the following adjectives:

1) Adjectives with one syllable


2) Adjectives with two syllables and the following endings:

Ada Apa dengan UN???

Belajar semaksimal mungkin, waktu dan materinya. Dari pagi hingga malam hari. Semua buku yang berkaitan dilahapnya hingga titik darah penghabisan. Inilah penggambaran kegiatan para siswa menjelang Ujian Nasional. Di hari-hari yang dijadwalkan,

Friday, November 30, 2012

Eureka Moments

Obviously learning doesn’t happen in an instant but I can certainly think of some Eureka moments in my own development in a foreign language. Obviously when you start out it can be easier to notice these moments where you suddenly gain the ability to talk in the past or in the future but it doesn’t have to stop there.

English Language Teaching Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

ACTFL American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
ARELS Association of Recognised English Language Services
BASELT British Association of State English Language Teaching

How to be Successful Language Learners

The Troublesome Slippers

Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best...

Once upon a time there was an old man called Sthira, who lived alone in a village. He would go about his business alone, even in his old age. He was a nice, friendly man who was liked by all the people in the village. They would often come over to the old man’s house and express their sympathy that his only son had gone so far away to study. They wondered aloud if his son would ever return. To all their concern, Sthira would always thank them and say, "Whatever happens, happens for the good."
Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best..., Folktales for kids: 6_1.jpg

Tenali Rama and the Jinx

Clown, jester, poet…Tenali Rama, minister in the court of the ruler of Vijaynagar, Krishnadeva Rai (reign: 1509-30), was a lot of things. Stories, about Tenali Rama and his practical jokes on everyone around him including distinguished fellow poets and the emperor himself, abound in south India. 

Tenali Rama and the Jinx, Folktales for kids: 73_1.gif

Qui Jun and the Arrogant Monk

There once lived a monk called Shan, in a village in China. He had earned a great name for himself. But he was very arrogant. 

Qui Jun heard of his arrogance and wanted to teach the monk a lesson. He went to meet Shan who neither greeted him nor acknowledged his presence.

Just then a servant of the monk came with a message: "The son of an army officer is here to see you."
The monk said, "I will go and greet him."
Qui Jun and the Arrogant Monk, Folktales for kids: 64_1.gif

What Makes a Great Teacher?

English: Teachers from the Exploratorium's Tea...
Teachers from the Exploratorium's Teacher Institute examine the "String Thing" they built (Photo: Wikipedia

Some teachers regularly lift students' test scores, while others leave their students with below-average results year after year.

This can happen right next door to each other; same grade, same building. Results from dozens of studies point to the same most significant factor - a good teacher is the single greatest influence on a student's chance of success.

The Palm Reader

Hari Prasad was the most sought-after man in the marketplace. A palmist rumoured to be the best in the area, he lived-off people's hands as he was believed to possess superior qualities of prediction. All he had to do was stare at the faint little criss-crossing lines on someone's palm for a little while and bingo, the client would listen astounded, as the palmist laid his life history bare before him.

The Palm Reader, Folktales for kids: 90_1.gif

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Seven Tips for English Learners

Seven tips for English learners
Many people think you need to live in a foreign country, have a close foreign friend, or spend long nights with your head buried in a boring grammar book, to master English…In fact, you can become a very successful learner of English if you follow some basic rules.

Improve your Learning Skills

My most important piece of advice is: "Do something (anything). If you don't do anything, you won't get anywhere. Make it your hobby, not a chore, but above all have fun!"
Don't be in too much of a hurry. You're setting off on a long journey and there'll be delays and frustrations along the way. Sometimes you'll be in the fast lane and other times you'll be stuck in traffic, but there will also be lots of interesting things and interesting people along the way. Take your time to really enjoy the experience.
There are many ways to improve your level of English, but only you can find the right way for you. Here are a few tips that might help:

Remembering Our Students' Names; N as in: Names

How many of us say for ourselves that we’re bad at remembering names? I’ve done it a couple of times. Try looking at it as a self-fulfilling prophecy: If we say we’re bad at something, we stop trying and become bad at it. Therefore tip number one: Change what you say into “It’s demanding, but I’m doing my best.
Here are other tricks I’ve found useful: